Landscape Study

Oil Painting On Canvas
by Mekdam Nima

Oil Painting On Canvas - Landscape Study

Oil painting on canvas landscape study:

This painting was used as advertisement by a phone company during 2010. The text below was used in the advertisement:

This painting can really take you to the scene, a beautiful calm day, the sun is shining but it's not too hot. People are strolling by the water, there is a quiet mummer of chatter and laughter and the occasional ring of people's phones. Friends and family are asking where they are because they too want to join in on this idyllic day.

Mekdam's skill as an artist is to paint such emotive scenes that really take you to the heart of the situation. There is often a sense of desire or hope to them, of a peaceful world that we so rarely get to see. Put this painting in any room and you will feel it's calming influence and you will find yourself from time to time imaging you are sitting on the bench, looking out at the water and smiling.

Date Painted: 2005
Painting Width = 24 inches (610 mm)
Painting Height = 18 inches (458 mm)