Oil Painting On Canvas

About the Artist

Canadian Contemporary Artist
Mekdam Nima

Mekdam Nima is a Canadian contemporary artist. He received training from a number of Canadian artists in 2003-2010 including Frank Haddock, Izabella Orzelski-Konikowski, Johannes Vloothuis, and Brenda Malkinson in many Art schools including the University of Alberta, Metro Continuing Education of Edmonton Public School, the Art Zone School of Whyte Avenue, Artizia Art School, and Artra Art School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 2015-2016, Mekdam received training from Nikki Jacquin in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Mekdam has used many types of sketching and coloring media including Pencil Sketches, Charcoal Sketches, Graphite Sketches, Crayon Sketches, and Acrylic and Oil Paintings. Additionally he used Collage & Ink Technique, Pencil Hatching Technique, and Graphite Blending & Reduction Technique to create artistic media.

Mekdam began experimenting with realistic style paintings, but continued to use the impressionist style, which is his preferred style. Consequently, he started to develop his own unique style, which is a mix of old realistic and modern impressionist styles.

Often inspired by the beauty of surroundings, he transferred white canvas into remarkable pieces of art. In his paintings, Mekdam used Triadic Color Scheme, Analogous Color Scheme, Monochromatic Color Scheme, limited color palette and full range color paintings. His paintings are inspired by poetry, literature, or simply pronounced artists paintings , such as the painting of "A Precious Present" in 2007, where he described Spencer Johnson's writing "It is wise for me to think about the past and to learn from it, but it is not wise for me to be in the past, for that is how I lose myself. It is also wise for me to think about the future, and to prepare for my future, but it is not wise for me to be in the future, for that, too, is how I lose myself. I lose what is precious to me.". Another example is "The Blind" in 2008 where he showed a story about a woman asking her blind boyfriend for advice on happiness and he covered her eyes, and asked her: 'What do you see now?' 'Nothing,' she replied. The boyfriend smiled and said: 'Great! This is your blank canvas. Now you can paint whatever you want on it.'

Mekdam's paintings are also characterized by mixing impressionism and realism, objectivity, and splendid color. Mekdam's range of subjects includes inspiration, portraits, landscape, still life, and other interesting subjects. He painted spectacular Canadian sceneries from the Yukon, Prince Edward Island, and other dazzling landscapes. He painted the inspiration story of "The Life" in 2003, which was inspired from experience in both life and painting. He continued to use color to communicate his thoughts and share his joy in bold pattern and striking ornament.