The Secret

Oil Painting On Canvas
by Mekdam Nima

Oil Painting On Canvas - The Secret

A story of a woman who used to complain and feels unhappy about her life and everybody and everything around her, inspired this painting.

One day, she met a blind man, who attracted her with his smiles and joyfulness, and they became friends.

While they were chatting, she asked him; "why are you always smiling and happy? What is your secret?"

He grabbed a piece of cloth and blindfolded her, by tying it around her head to cover her eyes, and asked her: "What do you see now?"

"Nothing", she replied.

He smiled and said: "Great! This is your blank canvas. Now you can paint whatever you want on it."

Date Painted: 2008
Painting Width = 24 inches (610 mm)
Painting Height = 18 inches (458 mm)